Praise for Empowering the Children

A few days after I began reading Karen Szillat’s Empowering the Children, including the section on “guns and kids: stopping our future dead in their tracks!” twenty children and six adults were shot to death in a school in Sandy Hook Connecticut. Karen Szillat would not have imagined nor wished for more powerful evidence that her book, her philosophy and her vision for empowering children and the educators who love them is needed now.

Szillat focuses on twelve universal values, indeed what I regard to be fundamental values…Using each of these fundamental ideas as a chapter theme, Karen draws on her rich experience to articulate strategies and describe do-able learning activities that are easily integrated into daily practice. These are the kind of learnings that must underlie all of our educational efforts; this is not just another “subject” in school; this is foundation upon which we teach. I am happy to recommended this book to anyone who genuinely cares about kids and their future.

”John, ”Executive


Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” I thought only I went around quoting that. Turns out this book is FULL of ideas I not only love and endorse, but ideas I can use anytime I’m dealing with people—from tots to tyrants. If you like insight (and punchlines! Tons of punchlines!), pick it up!

– Lenore Skenazy, Author of the book and blog Free-Range Kids

If you are a parent or educator of young children, this book is a must- read! Filled with heartwarming anecdotes and helpful activities, Karen Szillat expertly teaches us how to empower children as young as three years old to become successful, caring, contributing members of society. A truly remarkable book!

– Diane Ross-Glazer, Ph.D., Author of Parenting as a Second Language: Using the Power of the Head-Heart Connection to Speak Your Child’s Language

This book combines personal and professional experience with young children to create a warmhearted and practical guide. Parents and teachers will find it engaging and useful.

– Dr. Shirin Sherkat, Parent Strategist and Author of Create Happy Kids

Karen knows what it means to be in community. As a single mom trying to raise responsible children, I am so impressed with the many ways Karen shows us to get kids to feel like part of a community. When kids have the opportunity to give and share what they have, it changes them for life. Get a pen and paper out because you will want to take notes when reading Karen’s book Empowering the Children.

– Laurie Ann Hardie, Author of Did Not See That Coming, KOMO Newsradio Total Traffic Network

Karen Szillat is destined to become known as the Pied Piper of “Pre- schooldom.” In this book, she speaks with a voice that demonstrates both a deep understanding of the pre-school mind and each child’s unlimited potential. The same unique perspective, the same joy and love that infused her classroom, has now at last burst onto the scene in the form of a book that will shock and delight the reader with unforgettable and often humorous ways to incorporate morality and right action into the everyday lessons we seek to teach this new generation of souls.

Marianne Stanley, Human Services Attorney and former family teacher for Father Flanagan’s Boys Town

Karen Szillat’s Empowering the Children is a refreshing book that honors children as whole people, deserving our love and respect. Empowering the Children gives parents a wise approach to parenting that often is not heard. As a parent of two daughters, I have worked to empower them and give them the tools to be strong, self-assured young women. Karen’s book gives me a great perspective for additional ways to do this and keep them safe at the same time.

– Donna Price, Author of Launching Your Dreams and Coaching Staff for Success

Parents are the experts on their own children. Effective teachers honor this and team with parents to help children thrive beyond the walls of the home and the classroom. Empowering the Children describes strategies for developing children who become positive world citizens.

– Dauna Easley, Author of TEACH…To Change Lives

Just what the doctor ordered! This book is brilliantly written, so very engaging, and a fantastic read. Every parent, teacher, and child-care provider on the planet must read this if they are to join Karen Szillat in her vision of raising a generation of peace loving children to become conscious citizens of the world and the leaders of tomorrow. Bravo! This work is a masterpiece!

– Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

Empowering the Children offers a straightforward prescription for communication techniques that can change the way parents speak with, and listen to, their children. It’s a “must-read” book that offers powerful ways to build and strengthen relationships.

– Susan Friedmann, International Best-Selling Author of Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a Small Market

Don’t buy Empowering the Children unless you want your children to have a great value system, be tremendous problem solvers, and have the confidence to try new things. Karen has hit another homerun; I only wish this book was available when my children were little. Buy it, read it, live it.

– Andy Fracica, MBA, Author of Navigating the Marketing Maze

Karen’s wit, charm, and undeniable gift for connecting to the young is displayed beautifully within these pages. Her words offer insight to anyone who has the gift of being around God’s innocence—the children.

– Rowena Portch, Author of the Spirian Saga

Karen’s passion and respect for children shine through the pages of this book.

– Judy Hoff, Author of Healing the Hole in Your Heart: True Stories of Hope and Restoration

If you are interested in establishing a fun and flexible environment where the children have the opportunity to explore, interact with other children, play and learn at their own level, this is the book for you. If you are interested in helping kids grow into the adults we need tomorrow, this is the book for you.

– H.C. (Joe) Raymond, Author of Embracing Change From the Inside Out

Karen practices a child-centered, developmentally appropriate curriculum that focuses on building strong citizens.

– Bruce Raine, Author of Attitude Determines Destiny

You’ll never look at your children in the same way again after reading this book! You will see more wisdom, generosity, love of all people and the world than you ever imagined.

– June Kerr, Author of Rabboni, My Love: A Memoir of Jesus’ Wife, Mary Magdalene

By reminding us of what is truly important, Karen helps adults focus on making a huge difference for their children today. Our kids are ready!

– Randall Broad, Author of It’s an Extraordinary Life: Don’t Miss It

If you want your children to live in a world that is better than the one we live in today, pick up this book! Life lessons that will last a lifetime can begin now.

–  Gigi Murfitt, Parent of two amazing sons and Author of Caregivers’ Devotions to GO and My Message is C.L.E.A.R.

Optimistic, inspiring, and a memorable read. This book should be required reading for everyone who works with young children!

– Gabe Murfitt, Author of My Message is C.L.E.A.R.

Easy to read and practical for kids of all ages. The world would be a better place if we all picked one strategy from this book.

– Kate Phillips, Author of The Financial Stress Solution

I wish this book had been available when my kids were young. I will gift it to new generations of parents.

– Joy Evans Peterson, M.A. Author of Discovering a Dynamic Marriage

Empowering the Children is a truly insightful book that reveals how children can make a difference in the world.

– Theresa Callahan, Author of Managing for Performance: Building Accountability for Team Success

This book brings practical solutions and fun ideas for parents and teachers to better support kids on their quest to become global citizens.

– Joanna Cummings, Author of Kick Butts Take Names

Karen Szillat shows how a combination of clear boundaries and enjoyment always have a place in an enriching classroom and home environment.

– Sherri Nickols, Author of Sexy and Sparkling After 40

Alligators, firefighters, science, the Tooth Fairy….What more do you want out of a book?!

– Katie Munoz, Co-Author of Get Organized Today

Empowering the Children shows how parents and educators can guide children through the difficult journeys of life and answer the questions that we all wish children didn’t have to face.

– Janette Turner, Author of Penning Your Memoir