Screen-Free Week Follow-Up


A few weeks ago, I wrote about Screen-Free Week to encourage families to turn off the TVs, computers, iPads and other gadgets that can lead to sedentary children and lack of creative playtime. Since then, I came across a fabulous website,  Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood , that links parents and teachers to tons of sites…

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It’s Screen Free Week!

Cam chicken

Guess what time it is? Time to turn off the TV, computer, and electronic games. Today is the first official day of Screen Free Week (April 29-May 5, 2013)! Not excited about this prospect?  Here is some food for thought…  Research shows many benefits of decreasing screen time, including preventing childhood obesity, doing better in school, having…

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Media Use and Kids

computer girl

Sarah Roseberry, Ph.D. from the UW gave a very interesting lecture in March 2013 called Best Practices for Using Screen Media with Young Children. Since so many young children are interested in their parent’s and older sibling’s cell phones and computers, this seemed to be important information to share. According to Zero to Eight: Children’s…

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