Polarizing Forces


I read an interesting article (Repukes and Democraps: A Nation Divided Part 1 by Faith Eden-Barre) the other day that got me thinking. The focus of the article was on the polarizing ideological divide in the U.S., mainly between Republicans and Democrats. What does this have to do with young kids? Keep reading and it…

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Making Friends


While I was running an errand at a nearby mall, I walked past one of those indoor play areas. There must have been two dozen little ones playing with and next to each other. Occasionally a baby was perched on a lap, in a stroller or snuggled next to a grandpa. There were squeals of…

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Modeling Behavior and Kids


In my last blog I wrote about Nicholas Winton, one person who saved the lives of nearly 700 children during Hitler’s reign of terror. I wanted to illustrate how one person’s actions could amount to something incredible. I hoped to inspire you personally as well as to help you to see that the time and…

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I’ve been thinking a lot and writing frequently about how the words we say and the thoughts in our head can make a difference in how we view ourselves. By countering the monsters in our heads, in our lives and teaching our kids how to deflect those same bullies, you really can change their entire…

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One night I woke up suddenly because I could hear a loud grumbly noise. My four-year-old brain immediately identified the sound as coming from a monster, a growling, hungry for a midnight snack monster. I quietly called, “Mommy.” Mommy didn’t come and the monster was still out there so I got louder, “Mommy!” It was…

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Empowered Three’s Lead to Empowered Teens

Empowering The Children

Can it really make a difference to empower young kids? Is it worth it to take the time to listen to their questions and answer them, to teach them how to communicate effectively with others, and to teach them about their world so they can be interested in others, their environment, and have compassion towards…

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Random Quotes and Cute Animals

I love reading books. I enjoy the stories and wisdom from the experience of others. I like to look at pictures of people, animals, places, and interesting things. The smell and texture of the paper, the sound the pages make when I turn the pages, and the knowledge that there is a new surprise coming…

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Here is My Homework


In last week’s post, I Like That! Now What?, I challenged myself to take an extra step after I notice that I like something or it touches me in some way. I was feeling a bit of a disconnect in my life, lacking some follow-through on what is meaningful to me and making it a part…

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I Like That! Now What?

Chen face paint

I am able to enjoy many things in the moment. Being a sensory person, I grasp the sights, sounds, and smells, I touch and taste when appropriate (sometimes even when it is not), and then say what it all means to me. During 2013, I want to take that quality one step further and apply…

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Saying No Can Be Positive!


We have all been party to a child begging for a special treat or favor that we know we should say noto but the beggingbecomes so LOUDand insistent, often with others watching our every move, that we think, “Wouldn’t it be quicker and easier to say ‘yes’ just this once? Please let this moment end and…

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