Aidan Hornaday

Aidan Hornaday loves rock climbing, basketball, traveling, and music.  He could be your son, student, neighbor, or friend.  But what makes this middle-schooler unique from many kids is his talent for playing the harmonica coupled with his desire to help others with needs that are greater than his own. One day, Aidan was surprised to…

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Getting Rid of School Suspensions

I was happy to recently read that the LA school district is getting rid of school suspensions for minor infractions. Things like dress code violations, forgetting a pencil, or being less than polite. While I do believe it is important to come to school prepared, I also know that when people feel targeted because of…

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Lessons From a Half-Blind Doll


I had a doll named Lisa when I was 7 years old. She had blond curls in her pigtailed hair and amazing blue eyes that opened and closed. I loved to move Lisa up and down, gently feeling her eyelashes bat against my fingers as she went in and out of sleep. I often fell…

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Polarizing Forces


I read an interesting article (Repukes and Democraps: A Nation Divided Part 1 by Faith Eden-Barre) the other day that got me thinking. The focus of the article was on the polarizing ideological divide in the U.S., mainly between Republicans and Democrats. What does this have to do with young kids? Keep reading and it…

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Modeling Behavior and Kids


In my last blog I wrote about Nicholas Winton, one person who saved the lives of nearly 700 children during Hitler’s reign of terror. I wanted to illustrate how one person’s actions could amount to something incredible. I hoped to inspire you personally as well as to help you to see that the time and…

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One Person


My alarm went off this morning and my tired brain thought, “Hibernate. Turn off the alarm and sleep the rest of the day.” Then in the corner my mind I remembered a story about a man who had a tremendous impact on the lives of 669 children and their families. Even though he was just…

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Wanted: Calm and Kind Boys


In the past few weeks, a handful of preschool teachers from the Midwest and the West Coast have asked me about improving the behavior of two- and three-year-old boys. Specifically, the boys whose bodies are moving so quickly that they knock down their playmates when they try to enter a play situation, or who have…

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Random Quotes and Cute Animals

I love reading books. I enjoy the stories and wisdom from the experience of others. I like to look at pictures of people, animals, places, and interesting things. The smell and texture of the paper, the sound the pages make when I turn the pages, and the knowledge that there is a new surprise coming…

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This Is How Empowered Children Respond

Everyone matters. This video shows how empowered children Respond when adversity lands at their front door, literally. (After you watch the video, the bold Re‘s will make sense!) These two brothers, with the help of their loving and action-oriented parents, are making a difference for two girls who are unable to stand up for themselves…

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Here is My Homework


In last week’s post, I Like That! Now What?, I challenged myself to take an extra step after I notice that I like something or it touches me in some way. I was feeling a bit of a disconnect in my life, lacking some follow-through on what is meaningful to me and making it a part…

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