He’s Touching Me!

Dramatic play is beneficial even with one child and two dragons!  Each dragon has its own voice and personality as they explore the cave of branches.

Have you ever noticed that the boy complaining that other kids are in his space is the exact same boy who seems to be constantly poking or pulling on other kids? Or that the girl who reaches her toes out during circle time to touch the child in front of her, or to kick at…

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Pretend Play Benefits Brain Development


Executive function is a prominent and important term used in education circles today. It refers to a set of brain functions that leads to the types of skills teachers love to see in their students: Concentrating on important details while ignoring distractions Paying attention to the teacher Getting along with peers Waiting for a turn…

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I’m Being Swallowed by Boxes!


I love the holidays. It starts with decorating the Christmas tree, pulling out the ornaments one at a time, each with happy memories attached to them. A wreath goes on the front door, stockings by the fireplace, and a Santa hat on the monkey statue. Cards and presents go in the mail, and in return,…

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Homeless in Seattle: Part 2


The following events occurred 12/13/11 in my Trailblazer Classroom, which contained eighteen 3-5 year olds.  Some names have not been included and some images have been altered per parent request.) This morning was an important and special morning for the Trailblazers. We were having Isaiah John, a homeless newspaper vendor, come to visit our classroom…

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Helping Children Deal With Loss

Ah, childhood! As adults, we often put on our rose-colored glasses when we reflect back on what it was like to be a child. That is, if we can actually remember! Or else we tend to minimize what children might be going through at the time, thinking or hoping that they will not “get it”…

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A Kid’s Guide to Fire Fighting

“I want to be a firefighter!” How many times have you heard this phrase from a young child or even said it yourself when you were little? Firefighters are some of today’s real life super heroes, who come racing to the rescue on fast red trucks, sirens blaring, to the relief of everyone in sight.…

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