Myth: War Makes Us Safe (Can There Really Be a World Without War? Part 1)


Just as there are misconceptions about war, there are related misconceptions about children’s misbehaviors. I will take the next six blogs to discuss not only three of the most commonly heard but erroneous arguments for engaging in warfare, but will also compare them to the faulty rationalizations we give for children’s misbehaviors. Today my goal is…

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Can There Really Be a World Without War?


As an educator, wife and mother who recognizes the transformative power represented in a good teacher, one of the people I most respect is Paul K. Chappell. A West Point graduate and former Captain in the U.S. Army who was deployed to Iraq, Paul has become an unlikely yet powerful author and speaker on not…

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Why Now?

Our hands

I was recently asked why I am doing what I’m doing, what my motivations were, what I hope to accomplish by writing about peace issues and starting my website. I decided it was time for some self-reflection, not only to clarify my message to others but to make sure I am really on the path…

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