The Effect of Trust on Brain Development

"My dad came to school to do science experiments with us... Just like he promised!"

Healthy brain development is something that parents and teachers instinctively know is important for children, like fresh air and good food. But understanding the brain is tricky. How can researchers test theories on little people and figure out answers that can be applied to our educational systems and parenting techniques? Lucky for us, Claire E.…

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The Parenting with Presence Summit


  If you’re a parent, or grandparent, teacher, “auntie” or “uncle,” you know the beauty and blessings that children bring into your life. You also know the challenges that come with raising a child. The little bundle of joy that arrives in your world (without an owner’s manual!) magically—and much too quickly—transforms into a toddler,…

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Getting Rid of School Suspensions

I was happy to recently read that the LA school district is getting rid of school suspensions for minor infractions. Things like dress code violations, forgetting a pencil, or being less than polite. While I do believe it is important to come to school prepared, I also know that when people feel targeted because of…

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It’s Screen Free Week!

Cam chicken

Guess what time it is? Time to turn off the TV, computer, and electronic games. Today is the first official day of Screen Free Week (April 29-May 5, 2013)! Not excited about this prospect?  Here is some food for thought…  Research shows many benefits of decreasing screen time, including preventing childhood obesity, doing better in school, having…

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An anthropologist proposed a game to children of an African Tribe. He put a basket of fruit near a tree and told the kids that the first one to reach the fruit would win them all. When he told them to run they all took each others hands and ran together, then sat together enjoying…

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Buckle Up

If you are not in the habit of wearing a seatbelt or know someone who is not buckling up every time, this is the most beautiful “wear your seatbelt” ad you may ever come across. It is the brainchild of a man in the UK who believes strongly in the cause, and it was made…

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Polarizing Forces


I read an interesting article (Repukes and Democraps: A Nation Divided Part 1 by Faith Eden-Barre) the other day that got me thinking. The focus of the article was on the polarizing ideological divide in the U.S., mainly between Republicans and Democrats. What does this have to do with young kids? Keep reading and it…

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The Magic Wand


I have a magic wand that I can wave that makes the following results appear for most kids just like that: 1.5 more days of school attendance per year Fewer headaches and colds 17% higher math test scores 20% more likely to graduate high school $10,000 more annual income after graduation Isn’t magic great? OK,…

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Making Friends


While I was running an errand at a nearby mall, I walked past one of those indoor play areas. There must have been two dozen little ones playing with and next to each other. Occasionally a baby was perched on a lap, in a stroller or snuggled next to a grandpa. There were squeals of…

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I’ve been thinking a lot and writing frequently about how the words we say and the thoughts in our head can make a difference in how we view ourselves. By countering the monsters in our heads, in our lives and teaching our kids how to deflect those same bullies, you really can change their entire…

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