Media Use and Kids

computer girl

Sarah Roseberry, Ph.D. from the UW gave a very interesting lecture in March 2013 called Best Practices for Using Screen Media with Young Children. Since so many young children are interested in their parent’s and older sibling’s cell phones and computers, this seemed to be important information to share. According to Zero to Eight: Children’s…

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Making Friends


While I was running an errand at a nearby mall, I walked past one of those indoor play areas. There must have been two dozen little ones playing with and next to each other. Occasionally a baby was perched on a lap, in a stroller or snuggled next to a grandpa. There were squeals of…

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Random Quotes and Cute Animals

I love reading books. I enjoy the stories and wisdom from the experience of others. I like to look at pictures of people, animals, places, and interesting things. The smell and texture of the paper, the sound the pages make when I turn the pages, and the knowledge that there is a new surprise coming…

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Project Wild Thing


I recently received an e-mail from Free-Range Kids author Lenore Skenazy about an independent filmmaker who is making a documentary about MARKETING nature to kids and parents. Since it meshed nicely with what I posted last time about connecting with nature, I thought I’d pass the information on to you. If you’d like to become…

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