Picky Eaters and Hungry Kids

Kids are more willing to try new foods when they help prepare the foods.  "Dog Salad" is a special treat when made with a pear, nectarines, and dried cranberries.

  Picky eaters and hungry kids. These two phrases don’t seem like they should go together but they do. I will address both issues in today’s blog, hoping you’ll spread the word to other friends and families with children who may be struggling to feed their kids for one or both of these reasons. Picky…

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The Magic Wand


I have a magic wand that I can wave that makes the following results appear for most kids just like that: 1.5 more days of school attendance per year Fewer headaches and colds 17% higher math test scores 20% more likely to graduate high school $10,000 more annual income after graduation Isn’t magic great? OK,…

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