Girls Are STEM Material

Girls excited by science!

My niece is getting ready to go to college. She is a beautiful and talented girl who has spent years competing in Irish Step Dancing, which is most familiar to people through River Dance. It is a predominantly female activity, part of the draw being the opportunity to wear colorful costumes and wigs with bouncing…

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Getting Rid of School Suspensions

I was happy to recently read that the LA school district is getting rid of school suspensions for minor infractions. Things like dress code violations, forgetting a pencil, or being less than polite. While I do believe it is important to come to school prepared, I also know that when people feel targeted because of…

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The Power of Observation


A friend recently asked me to elaborate upon about what I meant while discussing “the learning that occurs when we are not trying to teach” kids. This is the learning that children master simply by watching, observing, and imitating our actions. This is a powerful type of learning for children, and I was speaking about…

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Pretend Play Benefits Brain Development


Executive function is a prominent and important term used in education circles today. It refers to a set of brain functions that leads to the types of skills teachers love to see in their students: Concentrating on important details while ignoring distractions Paying attention to the teacher Getting along with peers Waiting for a turn…

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Buckle Up

If you are not in the habit of wearing a seatbelt or know someone who is not buckling up every time, this is the most beautiful “wear your seatbelt” ad you may ever come across. It is the brainchild of a man in the UK who believes strongly in the cause, and it was made…

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The Magic Wand


I have a magic wand that I can wave that makes the following results appear for most kids just like that: 1.5 more days of school attendance per year Fewer headaches and colds 17% higher math test scores 20% more likely to graduate high school $10,000 more annual income after graduation Isn’t magic great? OK,…

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Let’s Fix Everything

hug Zach,Sofia,Emily

I came across an article (“Let’s Fix Everything!”) that I think explains very well the reasons that parents and teachers are and need to be empowering their children.  I especially like the end in which the author talks about the value of the baby steps we can take today. After reading it, I commented on the…

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Washington Ceasefire


On January 13, 2013, I participated in a rally to remember the victims of Sandy Hook and encourage state legislators to ban semi-automatic assault weapons, sponsored by Washington Ceasefire.  This is what I saw along the march from Westlake Park to Seattle Center. The first sign I noticed was this boy’s.  Kids making a difference…

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I’m Being Swallowed by Boxes!


I love the holidays. It starts with decorating the Christmas tree, pulling out the ornaments one at a time, each with happy memories attached to them. A wreath goes on the front door, stockings by the fireplace, and a Santa hat on the monkey statue. Cards and presents go in the mail, and in return,…

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Things I Love This Week


I wanted to share a few links with you today, two feel-good videos and a website to use as a resource.  I hope they make you feel as positive about the world as they did me. Click here to see two pals, one human and one canine, who are aware of each others’ rhythms and needs.…

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