Random Quotes and Cute Animals

I love reading books. I enjoy the stories and wisdom from the experience of others. I like to look at pictures of people, animals, places, and interesting things. The smell and texture of the paper, the sound the pages make when I turn the pages, and the knowledge that there is a new surprise coming…

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This Is How Empowered Children Respond

Everyone matters. This video shows how empowered children Respond when adversity lands at their front door, literally. (After you watch the video, the bold Re‘s will make sense!) These two brothers, with the help of their loving and action-oriented parents, are making a difference for two girls who are unable to stand up for themselves…

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Sometimes It Only Takes a Moment


Sometimes it only takes a moment. As I was looking through some of my notes for an upcoming project, my mind started to wander. As my thoughts drifted from Salmon Fishing in Yemen and parking availability across town, my mind leapt like one of the fish and smacked right into a connection. Sometimes it only…

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“See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Taste No Evil.”

See Peace

I was looking at Facebook the other day, when I came across a picture that I really liked. Three white doves were sitting next to each other on an olive branch, each demonstrating the words above: “Hear Peace, See Peace, Speak Peace.” Hear Peace, See Peace, Speak Peace.   This is a new twist on…

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My Fear of Dogs


This morning, as I was walking my neighbor’s dog, it suddenly dawned on me how the Karen of my childhood would not even recognize me today. You see, I have (rather, had) a history of being afraid of dogs. Not just big dogs, like the Great Dane that I had on a leash today, but…

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The Best Playground Ever

James making fort

A few years ago, a 4 year old girl named Cady, who was in my preschool classroom, was sitting rather glumly in the art area. I asked her what was bothering her. She said, “I wish our playground was more funner.” I asked her to tell me what she meant by funner, and she proceeded to tell…

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Myth: Kids will be kids. Boys will be boys. (Can There Really Be a World Without War? Part 6)


This has been a lengthy but important series on whether it is possible to believe and thus attain a world where peace is commonplace and war is no longer an acceptable option. Lengthy because issues are complex and cannot be simplified to a simple soundbite, important because as adults, we make decisions that will determine…

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Every Vote Counts!

Election day is coming quickly. The political debates and commercials are on TV and many adult discussions revolve around political issues. Unfortunately, the debates are seldom the types of discussions we want our children to hear. There is name-calling, yelling at times, and it seems everyone talks but no one listens to each other. What…

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How Do You Talk About the Land of the Alligators?

My daughter, Michaele, just graduated in May from Tulane.   Over the four years she was living in New Orleans, my husband John and I made quite a few trips down south to enjoy the food, music, and culture that is uniquely New Orleans. As a teacher, I was always on the lookout for things…

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Guns and Kids: Stopping Our Future Dead In Their Tracks


“Renee was shot and she died today.” My mom’s words faded as my mind raced, trying to grasp the unreality of what she was saying. How could my 10 year old cousin have died today? Renee, the sweet blond-haired blue-eyed girl who laughed easily and loved making art projects? This could not be possible. I…

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