Lessons in Communication

cute YaYa

One of my favorite things to do with children is simply to talk to them. Not just to share my version of wisdom with them, but to learn about their views of the world. It is fascinating, eye-opening, innocent, and often quite amusing. And once I am able to see things from their perspective, I…

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One night I woke up suddenly because I could hear a loud grumbly noise. My four-year-old brain immediately identified the sound as coming from a monster, a growling, hungry for a midnight snack monster. I quietly called, “Mommy.” Mommy didn’t come and the monster was still out there so I got louder, “Mommy!” It was…

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Empowered Three’s Lead to Empowered Teens

Empowering The Children

Can it really make a difference to empower young kids? Is it worth it to take the time to listen to their questions and answer them, to teach them how to communicate effectively with others, and to teach them about their world so they can be interested in others, their environment, and have compassion towards…

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Homeless in Seattle: Part 2


The following events occurred 12/13/11 in my Trailblazer Classroom, which contained eighteen 3-5 year olds.  Some names have not been included and some images have been altered per parent request.) This morning was an important and special morning for the Trailblazers. We were having Isaiah John, a homeless newspaper vendor, come to visit our classroom…

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