The Magic Wand


I have a magic wand that I can wave that makes the following results appear for most kids just like that: 1.5 more days of school attendance per year Fewer headaches and colds 17% higher math test scores 20% more likely to graduate high school $10,000 more annual income after graduation Isn’t magic great? OK,…

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Wanted: Calm and Kind Boys


In the past few weeks, a handful of preschool teachers from the Midwest and the West Coast have asked me about improving the behavior of two- and three-year-old boys. Specifically, the boys whose bodies are moving so quickly that they knock down their playmates when they try to enter a play situation, or who have…

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Saying No Can Be Positive!


We have all been party to a child begging for a special treat or favor that we know we should say noto but the beggingbecomes so LOUDand insistent, often with others watching our every move, that we think, “Wouldn’t it be quicker and easier to say ‘yes’ just this once? Please let this moment end and…

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Helping Children Deal With Loss

Ah, childhood! As adults, we often put on our rose-colored glasses when we reflect back on what it was like to be a child. That is, if we can actually remember! Or else we tend to minimize what children might be going through at the time, thinking or hoping that they will not “get it”…

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Lessons in Communication

One of my favorite things to do with children is simply to talk to them. Not just to share my version of wisdom with them, but to learn about their views of the world. It is fascinating, eye-opening, innocent and often quite amusing. And once I am able to see things from their perspective, I…

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