Encouraging Literacy

Cereal box writing2

Words are critical to communication, whether they are spoken, written, or read. With the beginning of the school year, parents and teachers are often wondering about and sometimes worried about children learning to read and write. In the next few blog posts I will share some super simple ways to encourage literacy in your homes…

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Spring into Action


April showers bring May flowers. We’ve all heard the saying many times. But we are interested in more than just flowers. We are interested in empowering our children! Here is a sampling of events that you might like to celebrate in your home or classroom to grow empowered children during the Month of April: Teach…

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Earth Hour

Earth Hour is celebrated on Saturday, March 23 at 8:30 P.M. local time by hundreds of millions of people around the world. In order to bring attention to our planet, and the way we all depend on its food, water, fuel and fresh air, people unite by turning out their lights for one hour. It…

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Wanted: Calm and Kind Boys


In the past few weeks, a handful of preschool teachers from the Midwest and the West Coast have asked me about improving the behavior of two- and three-year-old boys. Specifically, the boys whose bodies are moving so quickly that they knock down their playmates when they try to enter a play situation, or who have…

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Benefits of Books

Very Hungery Caterpillar James

Books are some of the most wonderful gifts you can give to kids. We all know this, but what exactly makes books so valuable? There are numerous answers to this question. Books are wonderful because: They build vocabulary as children learn about the world. Kids are exposed to colors, shapes, animals, places, people, feelings, events,…

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I’m Being Swallowed by Boxes!


I love the holidays. It starts with decorating the Christmas tree, pulling out the ornaments one at a time, each with happy memories attached to them. A wreath goes on the front door, stockings by the fireplace, and a Santa hat on the monkey statue. Cards and presents go in the mail, and in return,…

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Things I Love This Week


I wanted to share a few links with you today, two feel-good videos and a website to use as a resource.  I hope they make you feel as positive about the world as they did me. Click here to see two pals, one human and one canine, who are aware of each others’ rhythms and needs.…

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The Power of HOW


Empowered people make things happen.  They are the doers, the problem-solvers in our world.  They are the leaders, the ones who cross the T’s and dot the i’s.  Empowered is a big word, one we don’t often associate with children. We talk about having empowered citizens who will take action to wrestle with the difficult…

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Project Wild Thing


I recently received an e-mail from Free-Range Kids author Lenore Skenazy about an independent filmmaker who is making a documentary about MARKETING nature to kids and parents. Since it meshed nicely with what I posted last time about connecting with nature, I thought I’d pass the information on to you. If you’d like to become…

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Oil Spills

Salt paint3

When the Deepwater Horizon oil spill occurred off the coast of New Orleans on April 20, 2011, the news was all over the TV and newspapers. It is back in the news again as BP learns of the fines it must pay for its part in this tragedy. Today, children may once again have questions…

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