Barbie Dolls and Choosing Careers


I came across these research findings the other day. Experience teaches only the teachable.
-Aldous Huxley I found the results to be very interesting. Girls and boys between the ages of 4-7 years of age were given traditional Barbie dolls, Barbie dolls with career accessories, and Mr. Potato Head dolls with career accessories to play with.…

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Calling all those interested in a better world!


Hi there, Just a quick heads up about a powerful online event coming up that I am honored to be a part of (I will be speaking with Azim Khamisa on Tuesday Feb. 25 @ 5PM Pacific)… You won’t want to miss “THE VISIONARY CHANGEMAKERS TELESERIES” – aligning the support you need to create your…

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Encouraging Literacy

Cereal box writing2

Words are critical to communication, whether they are spoken, written, or read. With the beginning of the school year, parents and teachers are often wondering about and sometimes worried about children learning to read and write. In the next few blog posts I will share some super simple ways to encourage literacy in your homes…

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August Holidays

Cardboard wings and video screens are taped to the twins' trays so they can see what it is like to eat lunch on an airplane.  They drew pictures to paperclip to their TV screens for their viewing pleasure.

August is not normally known as a month full of holidays. Luckily for us, almost every day of the year is a reason for someone to celebrate something! Here are a few ideas of unique ways to spend your days as the summer begins to wind down. American Adventures Month: Visit National parks, monuments, or drive…

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Girls Are STEM Material

Girls excited by science!

My niece is getting ready to go to college. She is a beautiful and talented girl who has spent years competing in Irish Step Dancing, which is most familiar to people through River Dance. It is a predominantly female activity, part of the draw being the opportunity to wear colorful costumes and wigs with bouncing…

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Using Picture Boards for Routines

The arrival of August means school will be starting soon. Back to school shopping is in full force, appointments for updated immunizations are scheduled, and new eyeglasses have been ordered. It also means a change in routines and expectations for many families. Let’s take advantage of the approaching transition from summer to school by preparing…

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Gender Stereotypes

Baby with Leo

This morning I saw an unusual sight on my way to an early morning appointment. As I approached an intersection with a large construction site, I noticed a construction worker bending to the side, stretching his hips. I immediately thought he must have had a rough night’s sleep. Then I noticed that he wasn’t alone.…

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He’s Touching Me!

Dramatic play is beneficial even with one child and two dragons!  Each dragon has its own voice and personality as they explore the cave of branches.

Have you ever noticed that the boy complaining that other kids are in his space is the exact same boy who seems to be constantly poking or pulling on other kids? Or that the girl who reaches her toes out during circle time to touch the child in front of her, or to kick at…

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The Effect of Trust on Brain Development

"My dad came to school to do science experiments with us... Just like he promised!"

Healthy brain development is something that parents and teachers instinctively know is important for children, like fresh air and good food. But understanding the brain is tricky. How can researchers test theories on little people and figure out answers that can be applied to our educational systems and parenting techniques? Lucky for us, Claire E.…

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Learning Something New

Learning a new skill can feel like writing your name while you hold a crayon with your toes--- awkward and frustrating!

Trying something new can seem daunting. I’m trying to learn some new skills on the computer and it makes me feel like a duck out of water. Many people have a lot of computer experience, so this might seem odd to them. Most kids grow up today learning to keyboard and have no trouble experimenting…

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